17. 10. 2023


We’re thrilled to unveil our new brand, EVOLVE®, covering a diverse range of professional services dedicated to executing comprehensive and sustainable transformation strategies.

🌐 About EVOLVE®:

✅ Comprehensive solutions

EVOLVE® offers a complete portfolio of process changes and systems to strengthen your organisation as part of a sustainable strategy. We always choose changes that you are ready for and that you are able to maintain and develop yourself.

✅ Experienced partner

We firmly believe that in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, most companies require an experienced partner to ensure a meaningful and sustainable transformation.

✅ Tailored approach

EVOLVE® isn’t about revolutionary upheavals, it’s about respecting each client’s unique needs, corporate culture, and communication style. Our goal is to ensure that the changes we implement are smooth, professional, understandable and have a positive impact on every individual and the company as a whole.

🤔 Why EVOLVE®?

✅ Leveraging your own know-how

EVOLVE® is born from our own transformation journey. After more than six years of focusing on project and process management, QA, and minor software development, we’re now focusing on what our clients genuinely need—a professional partner for implementing a sustainable and meaningful transformation strategy for their companies. We use our prior experience and skills for a precise transformation from A to Z.

🤝 What is EVOLVE®?

✅ A team of experts

EVOLVE® is a brand backed by several professionals from various fields, including project and process management, business analysis, management, operations, finance, and HR. What unites us are our values and a tenacious approach to everything we do.

✅ Passion and heart

We created EVOLVE® with immense passion and heart in response to our clients’ interest in realizing a comprehensive, meaningful, and sustainable transformation strategy for their companies.

✅ Quality with cost savings

EVOLVE® is focused on high quality and its mission is primarily to find savings on the client’s side.

✅ Professionalism and long-term partnership

EVOLVE® is a guarantee of a professional approach, precise work and a long-term partnership.

✅ Collaboration and synergy

EVOLVE® is designed to offer the best in the market, both independently and through functional synergies with our partners, for whom we vouch—professionally and personally.

✅ Gourmet experience

EVOLVE® is like a gourmet experience that convinces you that when you ensure quality ingredients, it makes all the difference.

📞 Contact Us

For more information, please write to evolve@devpack.cz.

We look forward to embarking on your transformation journey together…

Your EVOLVE® Team – a Business Consultancy of DEV PACK!

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