DEV PACK INnOVATIOn – the first outcomes of the program

1. 6. 2022


DEV PACK INnOVATIOn is supporting your innovative ideas

A while ago, we introduced our initiative, DEV PACK INnOVATIOn which supports innovative ideas and is helping to bring them to fruition.

We know that the journey from a good idea to the final product can be very long and bumpy. And already difficult, it can get worse if you are alone and without the necessary help. That is why we created our program. We must say that we were very pleased with the positive feedback and interest in further events we received.

Needless to say, it also brought its first results and that is our collaboration with the MyCondy.

When we first met Lukáš Pavelka, the founder and the CEO of MyCondy, we immediately saw the benefits of our potential collaboration. We were impressed not only by his enthusiasm but also by the swiftness with which he is developing his product. The improvements his applications offered to the HR and recruitment processes were in perfect harmony with our vision. Therefore, we decided straight away that we would become the patron of the development of the HR application, which we will ourselves heavily use in our newly established DEV Course brand.

My HR Condy application wants to simplify and automate the processes for all affected directly or indirectly by the HR and recruitment, whether it is a hiring manager, Supply Chain, or the department of Resourcing. We got the opportunity to test some of its functionalities and frankly, we were impressed. We deal with recruitment processes heavily in our newly established brand DEV Course, and this application is a life-saver.   

It is helping us to:

  • Save the time of our recruiters;
  • Save money (and a lot of it) by bringing complex, compressed processes under one roof;
  • Automate the processes and ultimately become more efficient;
  • Speed up the document flow (and all of us working with recruitment know-how paperwork related to the candidates can be taking the biggest toll on your day);
  • Digitize the whole process within the administration associated with the recruitment.

MyCondy is not a newbie in the IT world. The team of IT enthusiasts operate on the market for quite a while, and it was only natural that we welcomed them into our program DEV PACK INnOVATIOn as we share the same values. Just like MyCondy, DEV PACK too is quick with its operations, we too are looking for ways to improve the existing processes, and make them easier for our clients.  

We know better than anyone how tiresome are administrative tasks in the HR world.

Therefore, it was no wonder that we welcomed the solution that is simplifying administrative tasks, eliminating complicated documentation flows, and simply put – saving money and time not only for us but for many of our clients.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Application is using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate. It is compatible with many operating systems and devices and has low implementation costs.

With today’s world focusing on dynamics, efficiency, and the search for time and financial savings, this application will be a welcome addition to any business professional.  Offering a direct approach to the candidate at any stage of the recruitment process, and efficient time- and money-saving processes, it is a response to many requests from the recruiter and business professionals, and we are very proud that we can be a part of its development.

Do you, too, have a business idea but are maybe overwhelmed by its complexity, and worrying that you don’t have the required resources to bring it to fruition? Whether you need coaching, know-how, mental support, help with financial resources, or start-up methodology

We are here with DEV PACK INnOVATIOn to support your ideas. Get in touch with us. We will evaluate your idea and suggest the next steps.

Authors: Iva Gracova

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