Hooray, it is our fifth year on the market!

22. 7. 2022


Every year in June, there is one important day for our company on the calendar – OUR ANNIVERSARY, and this year, we reached the fifth year of our existence on the market!  

When we look back, we see a lot of development and growth since we started as a small startup. A group of enthusiasts built with years the stable portfolio of services our company is offering. Let’s remember together the most important milestones, the growth we went through in the interview with our founder, Mrs. Poláchová, and the true values behind our brand.

A little bit of history…

From project and process management to the outsourcing of HR services

The first key activity of our company was Project and Process management. We began with helping our clients to implement the PMO, because this is where our strengths lied. And because we did our job well, our clients started to ask us questions – “How to do this, and how to utilize that in the best possible way?” We realized that we could help with trainings and workshops, and soon, added tailored trainings to our portfolio as well. When our clients then requested our assistance with Testing, and Quality Assurance, we built a team of specialists, and were able to assist in this area too.

A little bit from the present times…

Our company has always been about people, and again, people. We consider them our biggest asset.

Last but not least, we must also mention the newly created brand DEV Course, which covers all services related to recruitment and onboarding, as well as HR consulting and outplacement. For us, adding this group of services was a natural development in response to our client’s requests. We listened, and therefore, added services that our clients wanted. Our path never stopped evolving.

We support innovative thoughts and ideas

The activities of DEV PACK do not end with the above list of services. In order to support new and innovative ideas, the DEV PACK INnOVATIOn program was created at the beginning of this year, which aims to support the implementation of interesting projects that would not have a chance of success without additional help. We offer help with implementation, methodology, the legal side of things, financial support and professional consultations.

We are extremely proud that the project has met with positive responses and is already reaping its fruits after half a year of operation. DEV PACK became a patron of the development of a new HR application and established cooperation with MyCondy. It turns out that we are headed in the right direction and the idea of ​​supporting new innovations can continue to grow.

A little bit of the future vision…

Since our foundation, our mission has been to establish equal partnerships with our clients and our contractors and become their trusted partner. We succeeded in that mission well, but we will always strive to become better, and stronger.

And to conclude? None of this would happen without our employees and consultants who are an integral part of the DEV PACK brand and make the company what it is today. Our greatest thanks go to them and they will be the focus of most attention in the coming years.

Happy Anniversary to us all!

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