DEV PACK offers tailored workshops and training programs for your employees

A while ago, we talked about the importance of investing in your employees’ development.

If you ever want to build a successful business, you cannot ignore the importance of training your employees, and investing in their continuous growth.

But still, even if you are willing to do that, the question is – when does a workshop become a good workshop? What should you be looking at when organizing one, and hiring an external supplier to help you? What distinguishes good training providers from mediocre ones? And what to do to ensure that your effort doesn’t go in vain and that your employees will benefit from the workshop?

Any workshop and seminar must ensure that the participants will learn something that will serve either their personal goals or the organizational goals. Not only that, but it must also ensure that the knowledge will be put into practice. And this is exactly the catch – how to make sure that the workshop is organized in a way that will benefit the participants long-term?

Unless you have a specialized team of experts, don’t attempt to organize the workshops on your own. It will cost you more time and finances than it would if you outsource it.

Firstly, unless you have specialized staff members that have previous experience with organizing workshops and training, don’t attempt to organize it yourself. Although it might seem like a good idea at the beginning, you might end up spending much more resources (timewise, and financially) than you would if you tasked the external providers with preparing a workshop for you.

So, what are the criteria for finding good workshop providers?

Firstly, have a look at what types of training the company provides, and what is their previous portfolio of clients. Speak to the company’s representatives and find out if they can deliver the workshop you seek. DEV PACK is a specialist in providing workshops and courses for companies since 2017. The portfolio of the most common training can be found here. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop tailored training based on the needs of our clients. With our emphasis on the needs of our clients, we are always able to develop workshops tailored especially to your needs. In fact, our client’s retention rate is approximately 95%, and that speaks for itself.

What do we do differently than others on the market?

1. Together, we define the workshop goals

When we are starting our collaboration, we always try to understand your pain point. What would you like to improve? What do you think your employees need to serve your organization better? What is that one thing that will improve the performance, and motivate your employees too? Do you need to concentrate more on soft skills development, or do you require more of technical training? Many workshops fail because the goals are not set correctly at the beginning, and this is what we avoid by specifying our targets straight at the beginning.

2. Who are the right attendees?

Now, when the goal is defined, who from your organization needs to attend? And why? For example, if we are talking about leadership training, you only want your higher management + identified key talents from the departments to be present. If you want to develop a detailed solution to a certain problem, then you probably don’t want a group bigger than 10 attendees because it will require a lot of practical exercises and brainstorming. On the other hand, training for Microsoft Automate can be attended by as many people as you want.

3. What is the correct form of content delivery?

Adults learn things much harder than children. Our brains are set in their ways, and training facilitators must be much more creative with delivering their content. Our memories are made of the three parts – reception, long-term and short-term memory. Our training facilitators know how to ensure that the knowledge presented during the workshops will remain in the long-term memory. Plus, of course, he will ensure that the participants will use what they learned.

4. What is the right way of presenting?

Pandemics taught us that almost everything can be done from the comfort of our homes, even the workshops, and training. On the other hand, nothing can replace a real human interaction, face to face. Whatever your preferences, there is no right or wrong way for organizing a workshop. Our facilitators can train your employees through Zoom, Skype, or face-to-face, all depending on your preferences.

We can recommend the right venue/correct medium for your workshop, depending on the topic you would like us to present, and your goals.

5. What is the workshop’s agenda?

Now that we know what is the primary objective and attendees, we can prepare the agenda for the workshop. Although sounds trivial, it is an absolutely crucial part of the workshop preparation, to ensure that we won’t get off track, and accomplish the workshop’s goals. What are the main points that should be discussed during the workshop?

6. Follow-up plan

An absolute must. A follow-up is the only way how to ensure that the workshop was successful. We will create a questionnaire for all participants to be sent out at the end of the event. Although it might sound scary for some, we know that this is the only way to learn – and also improve what we missed.  

What do we do during our workshops to ensure their success?


We have a set of icebreaking exercises that ensure our participants bond with each other – and with us, too.

Getting Everyone Involved

First and foremost, we are getting all our participants involved. We are alternating teaching theoretical stuff with implementing practical games where participants can implement what they just learned.

Getting everyone involved is for us a key to a successful workshop. It is easy to stand up and talk for three hours, but then, it is not a workshop, it is just another boring lecture, and that is what we’re avoiding at all costs. At our workshops, everyone participates.

Creating group exercises

We know that many people can become nervous when speaking in public or in unfamiliar groups. Therefore, we are creating all group exercises for smaller groups.

Our facilitators

Our facilitators are our biggest asset. Experienced, and professional, yet with a warm human approach. All of them have previous experience with presenting in the public, and we trained employees in big corporations, but also in small start-ups. Simply, we are versatile. We cooperate with a number of well-known experts, like for example Mr. Radovan Čierny, with whom we cooperate primarily in organizing soft-skills workshops.

And what to say at the end?

There’s no doubt that planning a great workshop is a lot of work. But if you spend time thinking through the details, everyone will get full value from the event.

Investing in a tailored workshop and training will benefit your organization and its goals. Whether you want to train your people in time management, leadership skills, communication, or sharpen their technical knowledge, our facilitators will prepare the training based on your exact needs. Please contact us, and our specialists will get in touch with you to specify your exact needs. We have training for everyone!

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