Case study
Project Management

Corporate PMO establishment

Our client

A provider of the financial services.

A need

A need for the experienced Project manager to help to manage projects running in parallel within the corporate structures of the company.

A customer’s issue

Due to the continuing changes on the market our client is at, they constantly have an ongoing portfolio of projects within their company. When they approached us, they were missing experienced Project Manager within their internal workforce. Therefore, they lost a lot of the financial resources and struggled with some daily operations due to the heavy involvement of the internal workforce in the projects’ implementation. The company didn’t have in place processes that would allow monitoring and managing the projects and their benefits, and therefore, the projects were often lacking clear structure, and in many cases, lost the direction that was defined at the beginning.

How we helped

We mapped all processes within the company and assessed the situation holistically. We identified the need for the Corporate PMO due to the complexity of the market our client operates at, and the continuous need for the new projects’ execution. We provided the client with our own Project Managers experienced in the methodology our client required due to the specifics of their internal environment, and the market they operate on. Our PMs started managing all the projects in the client’s portfolio in efficient way that helped our client to reduce the costs, and make the monitoring process transparent and easy to understand. We implemented the robust PMO that supported organizational strategy and clearly defined processes, and better project outcomes.

After the implementation

↑ Customer satisfaction by delivering the projects that reflect their actual needs

↑ Boost in sales as a result of projects that satisfied the particular demand on the market

Clear visibility of the projects which helped to implement the projects’ portfolio directly aligning with the company’s vision and position on the market

↑ Productivity within the client’s internal structures due to the DEV PACK team taking on the E2E Project Management functions

↓ Workload and costs spent on the projects’ implementation

↑ Improved internal collaboration and communication due to the newly implemented processes, and ongoing trainings for improvement of the soft skills


At the beginning, the internal resources of our client were not clear on the benefits of the proposed solution, and hence the collaboration was at the times rocky. We, however, realised very quickly that those challenges are caused by the lack of deeper knowledge of the processes, and capacity constraints from within the internal labour force. We suggested our client to facilitate a series of trainings targeting the Project Management Methodologies, and Soft Skills workshops, and strengthened their internal workforce by providing experienced Project managers without a need of client’s resources to be taken away from their primarily daily jobs tasks.

The result

We implemented the fully functioning Project Management Office, and took on management of the client’s projects. We train the client’s staff as required – in the area of the soft skills improvement such as a Leadership training, or directly in the Project Management methodologies when it is required.

Why every company needs an efficient Project Management function?

1. Avoid duplications

Without a centrally implemented PMO function, or at least a database capturing all projects running within the company, the chances of duplicated projects increase – and that leads ultimately to the waste of financial resources as well as the internal workforce.

2. Avoid waste

Often, companies use existing internal workforce to run the projects, and compromise their daily operations. With appointing the Project Managers that are exclusively responsible for E2E Project Management, the company can continue the business as usual, and the projects are executed efficiently.

3. Avoid projects’ failures

Every project should fulfil the particular end-user expectations. Project Managers following the best practises in leading the projects efficiently avoid the risk of the project getting off the track in delivering its benefits to the stakeholders.

To conclude

We bring clarity, leadership and efficiency to the projects we lead for our clients with the team of our specialists.

If you need an experienced Project Manager/help with implementing the PMO function, please get in touch with one of our specialists

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