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The most common trainings we facilitate are

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Our flagship training. The compact, extensive package that will hone on the leadership skills, collaboration techniques, ways of giving a constructive and motivating feedback, and a conflict management. We modify the structure of the training based on your requirements.

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Project Management

Highly interactive training for Project Managers with the recommended experience of 1-2 years. We concentrate technical skills, combined with the people management and leadership. This is highly effective training of theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.

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Leadership skills

We are offering you a training on development of leadership skills such as employees’ motivation, innovation, relationship building, negotiation skills, and others that are the part of the package. We can adjust the exact syllabus of the training to your particular needs.

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Change Management

Change management training teaches its participants how to understand the change process, plan for the change, implement it, communicate it, and mostly – benefit from it as individuals, but also as organizations, and avoid the anxiety accompanying the change.

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Soft skills

Soft Skills training improves the communication skills, conflict resolution, and risk management. We teach you how to present in front of the C-suite audience, and effectively facilitate offline or online meetings. Our Soft-skill trainings can be adapted to your needs.

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Hard skills

We facilitate the trainings to teach your teams MS office, xls, PowerPoint presentations, basics of the Project Management, O365, Sharepoint, PowerAutomate, and many others. This modul, as all the others can be adjusted to your particular needs.

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