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“PMO implementation including rules and processes

DEV PACK implemented our PMO E2E, and in addition to that, they managed for us specific projects and set up processes for Capacity tracking and Planning E2E across the company. The PMO is currently coordinating activities between business units, IT, and the headquarters and the processes were successfully implemented, even though it wasn’t easy. Yet, thanks to the personal approach of the CEO who has an
above-standard personal relationship to the quality of delivery, we overcame those obstacles.
DEV PACK set the prioritization matrix and the conditions of the nomination and approval process within this matrix. I recommend DEV PACK because it has demonstrated sufficient capacity, but also flexibility corresponding to the needs of AXA PARTNERS CEE. It is a company made up of real caliber people.

Jan Broďák, COO, AXA Partners Central & Eastern Europe a.s.

“PMO implementation including rules and processes”

In Ostra a.s., (previously ČSAD Group), we got into a situation where it was necessary to manage efficiently growing number of development and strategic projects, or even programs. We were looking for a way to ensure efficiency in managing all activities, as well as a comprehensive and proven procedures help us manage and deliver everything as expected. DEV PACK The proposed the implementation of the Project Office (PMO) with a Project methodology that fitted to our business environment. They were fast in communicating with our PR, they quickly understood our requirements and implemented PMO reflecting the specifics of our business environment, and priorities.

Martin Berka, Business Development Director, OSTRA a.s.

“Customized ERP development and integration”

Recently, the ISIT team faced a fundamental decision of choosing the right partner for the further development of its main product – the ERP system. We knew we would go through profound changes within the organization with this project, hence choosing the right supplier was crucial. DEV PACK helped us to go through the Change Process and integrate new company processes. We were able to change the internal system of evaluation and align it to the newly defined individuals’ and team’s goals.
Many businesses on the market claim that they can manage a project. But it only applies for some!”

— Ing. Jiří Pudich, MBA Managing Director, ISIT a.s.

“Trainings & Workshops”

We’ve been collaborating with DEV PACK on the preparation and facilitating of the workshops for our employees since 2018. They are training our employees in the area of soft skills, which is crucial, because many of them will become team leaders or Scrum Masters, and hence, we know that it is essential to get them ready for their leadership roles. In our collaboration, we value the most the friendly, but professional approach of the DEV PACK team.

— Nela Cholewiková, HR Partner & IT Sourcer, CertiCon a.s.

“Mentoring program for our Project Managers”

DEV PACK acts as the mentoring partner for our Project Managers, and we enjoy every interaction with them. The meetings are conducted in a friendly atmosphere, we are taught examples from the real environment. Every meeting addresses the issues we presented previously, communication is friendly and professional, and what’s most important – to the point, not over some theoretical issues. We became partners, and DEV PACK is an invaluable part of our success now, and also in the future. Thank you for mentoring us!

— Marek Kováč, GOV Consulting Team Coordinator & Honza Matoušek, Delivery Master, Phonexia s.r.o.

“Project Support for GDPR implementation”

We appreciate the reliability, experience, and professional approach of DEV PACK in the area of project management services. Their services are always top-quality, and fast.

— Jana Kuchařová, HR Manager, PKP Cargo a.s.

“Creation of an interactive website with the possibility of online registration for Law Office”

For us as a client cooperation with DEV PACK has been a very pleasant experience from the very beginning. Until then, we always struggled with unfinished work, unfinished functionalities, and in order to explain the errors to the programmers, we had to devote a lot of time to our own research of what does not work for us, where and what is wrongly written, etc. We do not have the time or skills to do that.
The moment DEV PACK took charge of the complete retest, of the coordination with the supplier and the proper description of the errors, we did not have to worry about anything. We appreciate the professional behaviour, exceptional client approach, adherence to the agreed deadlines. We wholeheartedly recommend them.

Mgr. Martin Polách, Attorney at law, Advokátní kancelář „Advokát POLÁCH“

“IT development team expansion”

Our cooperation with DEV PACK began in October 2020 when they helped us to expand our developers’ team. We needed to perform the code refactoring followed by the further incorporation to the product portfolio. DEV PACK is the business partner we can wholeheartedly recommend, and we will be definitely expanding our cooperation with them in the future. Everything runs smooth!

Denisa Honusová, Marketing Specialist, Poski com s.r.o.

“Trainings & Workshops”

In collaboration with DEV PACK, we’re creating seminars, and workshops related to the Project Management on the Sharepoint. I appreciate their flexibility, affordable prices, and individual approach. I’d recommend the collaboration with them.

Richard Přenosil, Training manager, AXA Partners Central & Eastern Europe a.s.

“Personal Development training”

I appreciate that the training programs were tailored to our particular business needs. The lecturers were very professional and delivered the workshops in the suitable mix of theory, and practical exercises. I learned, and got to test many new things and processes that I will use for sure in my job of the Team Leader. Thank you!

— Ladislav Kozák, Scrum Master, CertiCon a.s.

“Testing & QA of brand new & complex website”

Every company needs a well-functioning website that is visually and technically fine-tuned. In addition to quality content, it is important that the website not only provides the necessary information but also works quickly, without errors. If you want to know the strengths of your website, the testers from DEV PACK will reveal them to you.
We work with DEV PACK team together to test the websites before handing them over to our clients. In addition to a professional attitude, I also appreciate the attention to detail and solutions-oriented approach. When working together, we know that the client received a perfect, tailor-made website from us.

Lukáš Janovec, Web Developer, Krásnô studio s.r.o.

“Expansion of IT developers’ team”

Continuous collaboration with DEV PACK has been fruitful, and efficient since its beginning. They understand the specifics of our projects, and our priorities are priorities for them. That helps us to jointly move forward to our goals!

Veronika Lepetová, Delivery manager, eProvement s.r.o.

Case studies

-> Sales boost

-> Data accuracy

-> Improved safety of stored data

How the Testing and Quality Assurance helps the efficiency of development

#testing #processes #energy

An international services provider’s call center (next only named the Company) that is supplying crucial services to the healthcare units, and big factories suddenly received an enormous number of complaints from its clients, from which many reported double issued invoices, and incorrect data.

How we transformed Project Management processes and reduced workload

#ProjectManagement #ProjectManagementOffice #Banking #Insurance #processes

Our client is the provider of the financial services in many countries, with his local chain of offices in Czech Republic as well. Due to the continuing changes on the market, they have an ongoing portfolio of projects within their company. When they approached us, they were missing experienced Project Manager within their internal workforce. Therefore, they lost a lot of the financial resources and struggled with some daily operations due to the heavy involvement of the internal workforce in the projects’ implementation. The company didn’t have in place processes that would allow monitoring and managing the projects and their benefits, and therefore, the projects were often lacking clear structure, and in many cases, lost the direction that was defined at the beginning. We…

-> Increased customer satisfaction    

-> Sales boost     

-> Improved safety

-> Decreased costs   

-> Incrased customer experience

-> Improved efficiency

How we boosted sales and improved customer experience

#ERP #businessprocesses #digitalprocesses #softwaredevelopment

Our client is the provider of the ERP systems for the small to mid size logistics companies, and real estate developers. They already had a “box” ERP system that they implemented some years ago. Due to the market’s progression, new security risks that their database was exposed to, and customers’ base growth, they decided to implement extra modules to the existing system. Nonetheless, despite the best efforts, our client wasn’t able to move on with the project, as it was very complex, and his own internal resources weren’t technically capable of implementing it without endangering the internal processes and security. We…

How we cleaned the old codes and simplified the framework

#cleancode #refactoring #softwaredevelopment #leadership #processes

Our client is developing real estate software and web applications. They wanted to restructure their software development team to strengthen up their technical capabilities. They needed the Lead Developer to help them to establish the Coding Standards, help with the Refactoring, and set up the whole process for adding the future coding add-ons. In addition to that, they needed to set up the onboarding process for the newcomers to speed up the process of their training.


-> Simplified the existing coding framework    

-> Clean codes     

-> Improved safety

References from our consultants

“Independent consultancy on projects”

I’ve always had very objective and effective collaboration with DEV PACK, and I consider them to be a fair business partner. Highly recommended.

Václav Švirga, SW developer, DEV PACK

“Testing and Quality Assurance”

I’ve been working in DEV PACK for about a year and a half, and can wholeheartedly recommend DEV PACK as an employer/Business partner. They were very understanding and helful during the pandemic, and allowed me to carry on in the full remote mode. I also got the opportunity to expand on my knowledge, and take some self-development courses which helped me to increase my qualification. This is not a corporation, and everyone’s opinion is valued. The company’s leaders were listening to me every time when I spoke, and I always felt like a valued team members whose needs are taken to consideration in every situation.

Miroslav Hinner, QA & Tester, DEV PACK

“Independent consultancy on projects”

I am very satisfied with DEV PACK. I really appreciate and respect the individual approach, friendly behavior, active cooperation not only in obtaining the project but also throughout the execution. Invoices are paid within 21 days. The MD rate was increased without asking for it – a very pleasant surprise 😊. Thanks to you all, the transition from HPP to self-employed was very smooth. Communication with my HR business partner in DEV PACK is excellent, he always tries to help me. If I’m not sure about something, I ask, and I get guidance from my mentor in DEV PACK. They both are checking on me throughout the project, are interested in how I am doing, whether all is good, offer various solutions to the problems if I ask for guidance. People in DEV PACK are the main reason I decided to work with them.  I am really extremely satisfied with the DEV PACK. Thank you all.


Ján Dombek, SW Test Engineer, DEV PACK

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