Quality Assurance and Testing

Why does your software need to go through the different Software Testing methods?

Simply, the stakes are high. Nowadays, the pressure of the market and your competition is big, and software developers tend to deliver the new functionalities quick – so, they can satisfy their existing customers, and gain new ones. A common issue in those hastily developed products is that quality is jeopardized, and the product won’t support your business growth strategy but rather harm it. Here is where we can help. We, in DEV PACK, validate your software/application by performing manual testing and various forms of test automation to achieve the ideal result based on your business needs in affordable prices without harming the quality of the outcome.

Manual, semi-automated, and automated software testing services

We alternate between manual software testing and the full automated testing services, based on the particular needs.

Functional and non-functional testing services

We perform both, functional, and non-functional testing. During functional testing we test the application in various ways against your requirements specified by design team or business analyst. Non-functional testing ensures that the operational components of the software are functioning as expected.

When do you need Software Quality Assessment?

There might be many reasons why you decide it is necessary to assess the quality of the already existing software solution. We especially recommend you to outsource the QA if:

1. You’re taking a decision about whether to keep a legacy software or to develop a new one.

2. The functionalities of your current software solutions are causing many disruptions to your business.

3. The leaks in software are threatening the security of your customers’ and causing damage to your business reputation.

Why to outsource the QA to DEV PACK

Keep resources

Team of our specialists will take care of your needs without taking away your internal resources that are crucial for running your business operations.


You will get the clear timeline for your project.

Lower cost

In a majority of the cases, our costs are 20-30% lower than if you’d perform the QA inhouse.

Improve performance

We will help you to improve the performance of your software solution by 15-25%

Proven methodologies

We will use the proven set of methodologies based on your particular problem/issue.

Platforms we work with

We can deal with almost any platform.
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