Case study
Software Development

How we cleaned the old codes

Our client

The company developing the real estate software and web applications.


The need

Refactor the bugs in the existing code, and develop the new ones.


What did the client need at the beginning?

The client wanted to restructure their development team to strengthen up their technical capabilities. They needed the Lead Developer to help them to establish the Coding Standards, help with the Refactoring, and set up the whole process for adding the future coding add-ons. In addition to that, they needed to set up the onboarding process for the newcomers to speed up the process of their training.




↑Improve functionality of the existing codes;

↑ Boosted the productivity in team by establishing clear working processes;

↑ Improve the internal software development processes for the future needs;

Eliminating the risk of future regressions by developing the clean code;

How we helped

We mapped the existing processes and their interdependencies within the client’s team. Based on that, we suggested a tailored solution. We outsourced our consultant, that took on the role of Technical Lead. He conducted the technical analysis and worked on repairing the existing codes in alignment with the development of the new codes. He also acted as a mentor for the new team members, established a smooth onboarding process, and put in place the practices that will help the future members to get into the process faster.


The results

We removed the potential security gaps in the existing codes, and established the new working processes that were including code documentation and database with changes tracking. The process as it is, is set to work with the future developments, with client having all required information he might need when expanding current systems.

We also created the smooth onboarding process for the new team joiners, shortening the learning curve by establishing clear guidelines for the knowledge base, and team functional structures.


The collaboration with the client is ongoing, we became a part of the client’s team, and their internal environment, and participate on the processes of continuous improvements.


Why everyone needs clean codes?

1. Safety

Without a centrally implemented PMO function, or at least a database capturing all projects running within the company, the chances of duplicated projects increase – and that leads ultimately to the waste of financial resources as well as the internal workforce.

2. Eliminating regression

Often, companies use existing internal workforce to run the projects, and compromise their daily operations. With appointing the Project Managers that are exclusively responsible for E2E Project Management, the company can continue the business as usual, and the projects are executed efficiently.

3. Avoid projects’ failures

Every project should fulfil the particular end-user expectations. Project Managers following the best practises in leading the projects efficiently avoid the risk of the project getting off the track in delivering its benefits to the stakeholders.

To conclude

We bring clarity, leadership and efficiency to the projects we lead for our clients with the team of our specialists.

If you need an experienced Project Manager/help with implementing the PMO function, please get in touch with one of our specialists

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