About us

Our backstory

We began in 2017 under the name PROJECT rePUBLIC, hence the whole world for us at that time was all about Project management.

As a company, we decided to grow slowly, and concentrate on quality over quantity. Our clients, knowing the quality of our work, engaged us in more and more projects, and we expanded our services and expertise. Today, we offer a full range of software development, quality assurance, and software testing as well as a full range of services related to the project management activities as well as organizing the workshops specially orientated on soft skill development.

Our client retention ratio is around 95%. When we take on any project, we see ourselves as a part of our client’s team, not as external consultants, and therefore, we’re genuinely helping to resolve even the problems that are not initially in the Scope of our Services. We don’t budge when there are any issues on the way, and we’re known for being able to find solutions quickly.


We are a company that is and always will be based on its peoples’ talents expertise, and thank to that, we are able to provide solutions that are out of the box.

Our values


We are true partners to our clients because we accommodate their needs, and want to find solutions that fit them. We are transparent in our communication we form long-lasting, and strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust.


We provide superior services based on our knowledge from years of experiences. We pay close attention to each project, and client, and we believe that top quality is a key component of every successful project.


We work with determination, but more importantly with passion, and this allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients. Professionality is a key foundation of our success and absolute necessity for all our consultants.

Our culture

In DEV PACK, we support our team, and are exceptionally proud of them, because they are more than our employees, we consider them to be our family. We combine our team’s expertise, and devotion to customer to create the right solutions. We are passionate about the services we provide, and so is our every team member. We are building the culture when we make our team members proud to be a part of DEV PACK family.

We provide the highest quality services for our clients, and we know that it is our team helping us to create that, therefore we’ll always value them and support them.

Show us your potential, we’ll show you how we can together utilize it. We know that your passion will help us to deliver exceptional results, and that’s why we’ll support it all the way through. We support you, and treat you with honesty, and dignity.


We know that when you grow, we grow with you.

How we work


The 1st date

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We want to know you and your business. We’re full of questions, and we answer all yours.


Expectations’ setup

We also want to know your expectations to be sure that we are the right fit for each other.



If we are confident that we are the good fit and fulfil your expectations, we proceed with the SLA.


Process’ mapping

You let us in. We conduct a thorough study of the current situation, interlinked systems and processes to identify all dependencies.


Specific proposal

Based on the results of the previous study, we propose the solution specific to your needs and the current situation.



After you approve what we proposed, we engage all your team members affected by the new solution. We work with your employees and business partners hand in hand, as ONE team. We explain the specifics of the process, and eliminate any distrust it might face.


Work in progress

Now, it’s time for us to develop what we promised, whether it is a new app, PMO office, or any other product. Don’t worry, we’re still working hand in hand with everyone as one team! Throughout the whole process, you and your employees are informed about the progress and the current state.



Gradually, we implement the solution to your internal structures, as always – hand in hand with your employees. We ensure the smooth transition without any disruptions to your current operations.


Post-implementation care

Zůstaneme tak dlouho, jak budete chtít a potřebovat. Naše péče nekončí dřív než vám dodáme veškerou poimplementační podporu s cílem zajistit hladký ostrý provoz a eliminaci možných rizik.

Why us


Our flexible structures allow us to allocate the most suitable resources for your project. As we’re not burdened by the heavy hierarchy, we guarantee fast turnover for your project, and quick responses to any queries you might have.


We pride ourselves for the quality we are able to produce. Clients we’ve been working with, remain with us for a long time because our products helped them to improve their business structures, retain their own clients, and increase efficiency of their own processes.


When we take on your project, it’s not YOU and US anymore, it’s US. We collaborate with you all way through, and implement your requirements to OUR project. We provide unsolicited advices, and help you to stay ahead your competition through continuous improvement, and simplifying your operations.

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